John O'Neill

John O’Neill at ECGC ’13

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Earlier in April we took a road trip to ECGC. While we were at this serious and important conference for game developer, we some how tricked fine and upstanding members of the development community into talking to us about the evolving market, monetization, beards and even Space Jam. The above interview is one such occurrence.

Jairus MitchellJohn O’Neill at ECGC ’13

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game with Julian Spillane at Mega Man-athon

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Julian Spillane of Team Reaverbot joined us at the Mega Man-athon booth to talk about his upcoming fan game, Mega Man 25th Anniversary. We played through the demo together (which you can download yourself by clicking here) and he gave us an exclusive preview to some of the upcoming features that’ll release with the game. Do you want alternative tracks for …

Bryan BelcherMega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game with Julian Spillane at Mega Man-athon

The Protomen Invade The Mega Man-athon

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I’ve got bad news guys. Thanks to me the Protomen have decided to not do Act III. Now before you start sending me hate mail and threatening to kick the Dennis DeYoung out of me. Realize this is a joke! (Seriously, don’t bug me about Act III) Anyways, this wasn’t my strongest interview. I honestly just turned into a giant …

Bryan BelcherThe Protomen Invade The Mega Man-athon
The Megas

The Megas Visit Us At The Mega Man-athon

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The Megas sat down with the Mega Man-athon crew at MAGfest 11 and we caught up with them on their favorite Mega Man titles and when we can look forward to History Repeating: Red! I’m still kicking myself that I missed out on them and Power Glove doing the Power Rangers theme song. Oh and sorry about the camera jiggles, …

Bryan BelcherThe Megas Visit Us At The Mega Man-athon

Announcing the Mega Man-athon!

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Hey guys the entire HEET team will be at MAGfest 11 this year and we’ll be raising money for Child’s Play in a 72 hour Mega Man Marathon, nay a Mega Man-athon! We’ve got all kinds of surprises, stunts, interviews and prizes lined up. So make sure you’re tuned into our donation page at! Let’s show everyone what gamer’s …

Bryan BelcherAnnouncing the Mega Man-athon!

My Top 5 Wii Games

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It’s been just a little over a month since the Wii U has arrived and finally put down the machine once known as the Revolution. Nintendo little cyclops console had its fair share of problems from under-powered hardware to next to no 3rd party support. But what the system was missing in shear power it made up in some of …

Bryan BelcherMy Top 5 Wii Games

Hawken vs Mechwarrior: Online – F2P Mech Game Showdown

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There are now two multiplayer mech combat games in open beta, and both of them are Free-to-Play. The previous sentence is so awesome that it sent ripples back through the Time-Space continuum and gave the 9 year old version of me a seizure. Giant robot games are a guilty pleasure.  Zone of the Enders was the first game that I …

Jairus MitchellHawken vs Mechwarrior: Online – F2P Mech Game Showdown

Mario Goes to War

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The most famous brothers in video games are getting the Modern War treatment by Beat Down Boogie, the team behind the YouTube mini-series Metal War Gear Solid. The first episode of the new Mario Warfare mini-series was released yesterday and delivers 11 minutes of Toad kicking more ass than he’s done in all of the past 25 years of his existence combined. The DIY filmmakers have already finished …

Bryan BelcherMario Goes to War

Nerdy Sailor Moon Tattoos

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Tattoos are one of my favorite methods of self expression. I feel they are deeply personal and can sometimes turn into real living and breathing pieces of art. Nerd tattoos are on the rise, and that got me thinking, if I were to get a nerdy tat, what would I get? I already have a couple of tattoos, but nothing …

Brittany SaturnNerdy Sailor Moon Tattoos

No Input Required: Wreck-IT Ralph

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Wreck-It Ralph is the animated movie that’ll be hard to ignore if you’ve ever called yourself a gamer. The arcade setting and numerous cameos will draw your attention to what would otherwise be just another fun Disney flick. So let’s just put this on the table right now, Wreck-It Ralph is not the best video game movie ever made. If …

Bryan BelcherNo Input Required: Wreck-IT Ralph