Adventures at the NOS Kickoff Party for the MLG Summer Championship 2012

Thursday afternoon I get off from my day job, tired and stressed out. I work in retail, a girls junior clothing store to be exact and it’s pretty soul sucking. By the end of the day, all I want to do is come home, take off my fancy clothes, and curl up with hours of Minecraft on the couch. But not this Thursday; this Thursday I quickly rushed home and threw clothes in a bag and set out for the hour and a half long trip to Raleigh, North Carolina with Bryan and Jairus, for the MLG (Major League Gaming) Summer Championship.

From what I could gather hordes of gamers come together to this one spot for the finals, playing games such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and Mortal Kombat. Winners load up on the cash and probably a bunch of other cool prizes. Personally, never been to one of kind of shindigs, and then never played any of these games (well I’ve messed around on Mortal Kombat, but not enough to know what I’m talking about), I’m looking around with huge Bambi eyes, not sure what to say or how to strike up conversations. I don’t want to lie and pretend I know what’s going on, but I don’t want to seem like a complete idiot either. I was in a pickle.

Luckily the first event we attended was the NOS kick off party, which had my 3 favorite free things. Booze, food, and music. Game stations were also set up here and there throughout the room, for people to mess around on. I weaved through the crowd, sipping my White Zinfandel stopping to pass all the cliches I expected to be there, the nerdy guys standing in a circle near the food table, the bros chanting and cheering to their Halo kills, and the loud techno music thumping through to my very bones. I’m lazily drifting about, getting kinda bored because not much is happening, but then I see him: the hairiest guy in the room. For some reason I always zoom in on some long hair, bearded fellow and I’m not even sure why. Anyway he’s playing Mortal Kombat and really kicking ass. He has almost every character’s combo moves memorized and for about two hours no one can beat him. Finally he stands up, still the winner but he basically gave up his spot because he wanted to gnaw on a chicken kabob. I had a chance to chit chat with him, I complimented him on his skills, he was modest about it, but I laughed and told him that he was a lot better than me, since I’m just a smelly button masher and my boyfriend told me not to tell people that or I’ll probably get beat up. He giggled, nodded his head knowingly and then wandered away. I never got his name, but I dubbed him the unofficial Mortal Kombat Jesus.

After that awkward conversation, there was a rock-paper-scissors competition, a dance off, and a stand on one foot competition. Bryan and I didn’t win any of these, even though his worm was the best. But the whole thing ended with a group ‘Gangnam Style‘ dance which made everything better.¬†At that point the party had died down and I was stupid tired drunk and stole a NOS cardboard sign which I carried around for the rest of the night.

Today was just the beginning of the competition so there wasn’t a whole lot going on yet. I did however get to play a little of Borderlands 2, goof off on Sony Smartphones, drink free NOS, and openly mock these two guys wearing matching shirts that said, “Cool story babe, now make me a sandwich.” The irony is that those two guys both work at Subway.¬†Unfortunately I must journey back to Greensboro for I have to continue with my regular day job tomorrow and will miss most of the exciting stuff.

Brittany Saturn

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