Andy Griffith Dead at 86

Andy Griffith, a television legend and America’s #1 sheriff has died today. He was 86 years old. Andy starred in two of televisions most iconic shows in the last half century and has endeared in the hearts of American’s since his debut on television with No Time for Sergeants in 1955.

This post may be a little off topic for a gaming blog but while the national news is hitting everywhere. It has hit rather close to home for half the team here at Half Empty Energy Tank. With the exception of Shaun and Jairus, we’re all from Mount Airy or around that area. Our 6th podcast, 83% and counting…, was recorded in our friends house who lives next to the house Andy Griffith was born in. Whether we liked it or not, we’re all connected to Mount Airy and thus have a relationship with Andy Griffith.

I met Andy Griffith once, I was in high school at the time and I was tired of living with Ford Galaxy’s roaming downtown Mount Airy blaring the Andy Griffith theme. I was a bit sick of anything that had to do with him or the show, but TV Land was presenting him with a statue to be put on display in front of the Andy Griffith Playhouse. As a member of the Mount Airy Drama Club we were given the task of helping out. The few minutes that we spent together was interesting as he seemed to understand my feelings toward him. With out saying a word to him, he told me that he’s getting too old for this shtick. I helped him up out of the chair he was sitting in and led him out of the room to the next hand holder. I was a bit too young and angst filled at the time to realize that he’s a human being.

Tomorrow a good portion of the staff is headed back to Mount Airy (the real Mayberry) for July 4th to see our families and watch some fireworks. It’ll be an extra special event as we’ll all be mourning and reflecting on the life that has brought so much business and fame to the little town.

Bryan Belcher

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