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Buying new games has been a hard habit to quit. Even though I’m not even getting unemployment (and I’m searching for jobs in my area to keep me floating). I apparently can’t stop buying new games! But I’ve learned how to buy cheaper games through great services I don’t use that much.

The App store on my iPhone has been a fun diversion for the most part but I haven’t really bought a game that I’ll play when I’m at home, with my 55″ gaming nirvana available to me. But lately with the help of such games as Battleheart, Game Dev Story and Infinity Blade I’ve actually had trouble putting these down for my consoles. I seriously can’t stop playing Battleheart. The game isn’t with out flaws but the gameplay is so perfect for the iPhone and it’s really easy to just jump in and start building up stats. I can look around the fact that I no longer have audio or that it completely drains my battery after 2 to 3 sessions of play. The game only cost $3 and I’m putting more into it than some of my $20 to $60 games. Just a few weeks ago I would have scoffed at the idea of playing a game on the iPhone that I could really invest some time into. So thats one plus to not being able to afford any game I want (I guess?).

Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) hasn’t been a slouch either. When I play games I generally want to sit in my big comfy chair and lay back while playing. I like to do that with my big ass TV as well and it’s a bit hard to use the iPhone on it. So I’ve started looking at games on the XBLA that I just overlooked or didn’t give a chance. Part of this was because Beyond Good and Evil HD came out last week and well I’ve always wanted to give that game a try. Since it was only $10 I figured, hell I’ll see what else XBLA has to offer recently. Into my world came Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. I usually don’t get into Arcade-ish titles but this game has got me hooked! With being able to level up and the perspective changes it really gives the original top down shooter a whole new life.

In turn, this has given me a whole new perspective on casual or cheaper games. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a wonderful new, cheaper relationship with games.

Bryan Belcher

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