Costume Quest, a Review

I should point out that I am a sucker for Halloween. Christmas? No thanks. Birthdays? Bland. But Halloween? That is a proper holiday. What is it about? The spirit of giving? Being thankful for what we have? Reflecting on our lives and cherished memories? Nope. As Costume Quest declares in its opening scene: Halloween is about Terror and Candy.

And the game captures that delightfully well. It came out on the console market in 2010 but PC gamers are just now getting their hands on it with the release on Steam. It comes to us from Double Fine, this particular project being headed by Tasha Harris (a former Pixar animator) and Tim Schafer (a writer that most gamers are familiar with). You can pick it up for 15USD here:

I haven’t beaten the game yet so this wont be a full review. However I can confidently say that the visuals are great for evoking that Halloween atmosphere. It has the same feel as watching “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” and the dialogue is cleverly written to be witty but still feel mostly appropriate for a game where all the characters are children. If you’re looking for something thematically appropriate for this time of year, look no further.

Shaun Watson

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