Nintendo did what it does best. I bought they’re handheld system even though I have a more powerful and useful device already. I’ve been talking about handhelds a lot here lately and all the handhelds mentioned, I owned before the iPhone4 was released. I hadn’t played my DS or my PSP in several months and my main source of Mobile gaming has been my iPhone. Seeing how I rarely do play portable games, it just made sense to me to have a phone that would play games when I wanted to play them. I’d always have it on me and if I needed a new game I could just go online and download it right then, probably only be a dollar as well.

But here I am, I just bought a $250 gaming device and 3 games to go with it at $40 a piece.(*)  And I’m probably the only person that is now completely sold on 3D(Although the more I show it off the more my friends are sold). Not just that but since buying the system it hasn’t left my side and I’ve probably logged in 20 hours (in 2 days) playing games and messing with all the included software. It amazes me that I’ve dove into this system as much as I have so far because I had pretty much given up on handheld gaming. I was more than content with my phone.

Nintendo using it’s Blue Ocean tactics once again in making a compelling device that personally is far more revolutionary than the Wii was promised to be. I actually spent two hours just making 3D photos yesterday, taking a walk around my neighborhood and finding some really great shots! My iPhone rarely motivates me to get out of bed on time much less take an adventure that feels new and fun in my own backyard. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that I’m going to be gaming more on the go now and taking pictures of peoples faces to fight, while expanding my 3D photo library.

So has Nintendo saved it’s ass? Yeah for now, I’m completely fixated with this 3DS. I still have my iPhone on me but with the exception of the occasional Tiny Birds session. I’m not gaming on it and until Apple eventually comes out with the 3D iPhone (which it eventually will) with better quality 3D cameras and some great games that use it. I guess I’m going to have two devices in my pocket. And thinking about it, that’s a huge win for Nintendo.

* I actually got one of the 3DS games half off during a sale at Toys R US.

Bryan Belcher

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