A Gamer 3 Years in the Making

Today is one of those days. One of those special occasions that come around once a year. Today is my anniversary with Bryan Belcher – three years to be exact. But this day signifies more than just our personal relationship, three years ago today, my gamer identity was beginning to form.

As a kid I was a little late to the party with video games. I was introduced to games little snippets at a time since my mom absolutely refused to buy me any sort of video game system. She thought I would become addicted and lose an interest in going outside and become lazy. Instead I first played the Sega Genesis when I bothered my uncle and his girlfriend, the Nintendo when I visited my grandma, and the Playstation when I begged my cousin to let me have a go. Finally visiting a family friend who let me play their N64 (Super Mario 64 to be exact) I become obsessed and would not leave my mother alone until I obtain an N64. That following Christmas my mother sorta pulled through, she got me a SNES instead. A little disappointed at first, it soon faded away as I pushed in the Lion King and Scooby-Doo cartridges and began to play away.

Fast forward several years later and I’m 19, my first year in college and not much of a gamer at all. I had no interest in the gaming world, nor did I know anything about it. We were two separate entities that never really crossed. But that was the year when I met Bryan; we became friends reasonably quickly and as friends often do, we began to talk about our interests. Bryan, being the huge gamer that he was, was in disbelief I think about my ignorance to the gaming world. I believe he sought to hinder this as soon as he had the chance.

Fast forward again a couple months ahead, we were in the beginnings of our new relationship and I found myself seated in front of his 50″ TV, Rock Band drums in front of me, and sweaty palms as I held the drumsticks missing every note to my favorite Modest Mouse song. Fortunately for him (and everyone else withe ears) I picked up the guitar pretty fast and made an extra effort to learn something about his favorite game. I beat Guitar Hero within 2 weeks and with aching fingers proudly showed him my progress. He rewarded me by making me film his Rock Band Music Video for a contest that was sponsored by Pepsi.

After that he set an Xbox controller in my hand and laughed at how confused I was with the extra joystick. I felt retarded at everything I did. It wasn’t long after that I began to play Katamari, Mirror’s Edge, Bayonetta, Okami, Bioshock, and Little Big Planet. I soon realized that the gaming world wasn’t always about mushrooms and golden rings (don’t get me wrong those games are awesome), but there was really an artistic fuel behind gaming that I hadn’t noticed before. How much work and details go into games is unbelievable, to work on a project for months or years to make sure every story line, gameplay, or graphic is perfect.

Now I’m sitting here writing for a video game blog who is named after a game I hadn’t even heard of 3 years ago. I still feel new to the gaming world, I still have a lot to learn, but I feel my identity is beginning to take shape. I know what types of games I like and why, I understand the controllers so much better, and I can appreciate the hard work that goes into making them. So here’s to you Bryan, introducing me to a new concept, and 3 years later I’d rather be no where else but by your side, playing games together until 4 am.

Brittany Saturn

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