Get Your Chiptunes Fix Today with Inverse Phase

I’m a big fan of Gaming and Music and all it’s iterations where they smash together to form something awesome. ChipTunes are right up there on the list of awesome things and lately I’ve been pretty captivated by Inverse Phase. Releasing a total of 3 albums so far Inverse Phase, controlled by Brendan Becker former head of MAGfest, has made quite an eclectic collection of ChipTunes.

My favorite is the Retrocovered album, I’ve been listening to it over and over again actually. It’s a list of covers from both the gaming world and the great tracks from rock history. I was actually really surprised to enjoy the cover of U2’s “New Years Day” reinterpreted as “New Years Data” but no surprise to anyone who reads this blog, I really loved the cover of The MegasThe Message of Dr. Light” as “The NESassge of Dr. Light“.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, Inverse Phase also has done most of the soundtrack to the game Super Smash Land, which is something we’ll be covering more of soon, and released an album of covers from the game Guilty Gear X2 as if it were composed with the NES soundboard with the album, The Midnight Chiptunes. Finally he’s also got a grouping of Singles and Exclusive Tracks he’s been hired to work on.

It’s a really great set of music and well worth the money. Hell you can even name your own price on the Super Smash Land album. I talked to Brendan the other day and he’s currently working on an entire Chiptune album of NIN’s “Pretty Hate Machine” which has me excited in places I didn’t know I had.

Bryan Belcher

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