Historical Hints About Assassin’s Creed III and Beyond

To you, this image might seem unassuming. But Assassin’s Creed is a series that thrives on history and I’m here to give you a brief insight into what this image hints at, as well as another more important – but not as subtle glimpse into where Assassin’s Creed will be going after it’s time in America.

Let’s look at Rathon’s uniform: white coat, blue facing, but no good look at the cuffs or the buttons. The coat looks strikingly similar to French uniforms of the Seven Years’ War, specifically the Regiments Languedoc, Angoumois, and the Royal-Rousillon – all of which were stationed in North America up until 1763, but none of which participated in aiding the American Revolution. Indeed none of the uniforms of the regiments involved in the Expédition Particulière (the name the French gave for aiding the American revolutionaries) seem to match up with what Rathon is wearing. Where did our protagonist get this uniform? Standardization of appearance was still a new concept in European armies so uniforms wouldn’t exactly be easy to access.

AC3 is intended to begin in 1753, which puts it 3 years before the start of the Seven Years War, and one year before the French-Indian War began in North America. Victors over France on the American frontier, the British gained dominance over this theater – but consequently fast-tracked themselves into the fast-approaching American Revolution. As Rathon is intended to be a much more neutral character in AC3 than in prior titles, the French-Indian War presents an interesting historical context, especially if Rathon’s home was originally in French territories that were conquered by the British. Perhaps we might get to see a depiction of this not-so-famous battle where French forces with Native irregulars gave then-Colonel George Washington an early (and rare) taste of defeat at the Battle of the Monongaheia.

But what about after AC3? Ubisoft would be foolish to just let this series slip off the radar. Where do they go next? That too has been hinted at, although it was more overt. To avoid spoiling anything too much, at the end of AC: Brotherhood the main characters are having a uh… “experience” where they are shown an image of a Phrygian cap and a Masonic eye, and there is a fairly blatant statement about how important these two symbols are for the game’s plot. One then remarks that the only place you would see those two items together is… and then the screen goes black and the credits roll. So what is the answer? Where does one find this pairing?

Well would you look at that. It’s the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the premier document of the French Revolution. Would Ubisoft, a French developer, take the AC series to the Revolution? Just a few years after AC3’s timeline (1753-1783) wraps up? I’d say odds are pretty good.

Edit: Come to think of it, haven’t we had several rumors hinting at a female protagonist in a future AC game? Maybe we could stab Jean-Paul Marat in his bathtub.

Shaun Watson

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