Jetpack Joyride: Halfbrick is Two for Two

I’m stuck just playing my iPhone until I get my HDTV or until something fun comes out for the 3DS. Thankfully a few days ago the App Store on facebook was giving out free copies for Jetpack Joyride for it. So I totally jumped aboard and I haven’t been able to put this thing down since. Jetpack Joyride is the sophomore release by HalfBrick, makers of the awesome Fruit Ninja.

Things I liked:

One Button Controls! The best thing about Jetpack Joyride is the controls. You put your finger on the screen anywhere the Jetpack turns on. It’s simple. It’s perfect for the iPhone and it doesn’t take up that much of the screen.


Mission Structure! Then the game drags you back into playing it over and over again by giving you random things to do. High five 25 Scientist in one game? Ok sounds good! Get so far in the game without collecting coins. Ok but I don’t wanna but just this once. It’s super fun and drives the game from a few minutes of fun to something that can be played like a console game for hours.

Instant Reward & Long Term Gain! There is constantly something to move you forward. Either you’re trying to get the next Vehicle or the collect as many slot tokens to spin for more options and items to use in the game. Did you not get very far, It’s ok you’ve got 5 Slot Tokens you might get an Atom Bomb token and blow your dead carcass another 500M.

Humor! The game is full of small little details that really make it fun. Even the machine gun Jetpack destroys the lights as you go over it. But really shines is the little inside jokes everywhere. Like the vehicle that is the perfect homage to Tiny Wings that makes the same cute noise or the DBZ joke shown below. It’s chock full of this stuff and geared for geeky consumption.


Things I disliked:

Music! This is really the only thing I disliked about the game. It sounds like elevator music. Actually the title screen is genuinely trying to be elevator music but when you start playing the game and it goes into the main song. It just kind of sucks. It needs to be a catchy song that I can play and listen to all the time. This is one of the few things that it’s influential father does a lot better. Tiny Wings is a game I come back to just to listen the song. Jetpack Joyride thankfully lets me go around this issue by turning just the music off while leaving the great sound FX.

Final Thoughts:

This is an iOS dream come true. Most iOS games do not work with the touchscreen. It’s been hard to adjust to touch screen controls for myself and it’s obvious that most developers don’t want to try through design. So they just add touch buttons and it sucks. Thankfully HalfBrick is designing just for the platform and it comes across. This is another home run for them. Go buy it. I know I got it for free (and if you still can get it for free) but it’s worth a dollar. Hell it’s worth a lot more. Do you have an iDevice? Go get it.


Bryan Belcher

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