Should Kid Icarus: Uprising Even Be on the 3DS?

Have you heard about the Kid Icarus: Uprising stand? Apparently it hurts to just hold the game system and play the game. So a stand is required. Now Nintendo – not looking for another hot button reason for people to start hatin’ on the 3DS – was smart enough to include a stand with every copy of the game. But if the handheld exclusive is giving people cramps or whatever injuries it may be causing just by playing it. Should it even be coming to the 3DS? Shouldn’t the stand be a sign that this might work better if it was ported to the Wii U?

Now I can understand why Nintendo wouldn’t just flip production of it’s rebirth of the Kid Icarus franchise. When they revealed the 3DS initially and everyone lost their shit, Kid Icarus was one of the biggest showings for the little system. But delay after delay and some poor previews have taken the shine out of the glimmer in peoples eye’s towards the game. It would be the bravest (and possibly smart) move Nintendo has made since the price drop.

Here’s three good reasons why a port to the Wii U could help the franchise:

1.  It’s been 20 years since we’ve seen Kid Icarus. Should we really throw him under the bus before he gets a good second chance? I don’t think that the game requiring a stand is exactly a selling point. I know kids like all the extra crap they can get their hands on but really a stand. This is not the best way to reintroduce a character even if it is only on a handheld.

2. A 3D Classics release of the original Kid Icarus might be a better way to remind people about him before a Wii U release of the newer game. It certainly would make people think it’s about a franchise and not a new IP. Smash Brothers Brawl helped out a bit with that idea. But I’m sure some people still don’t remember exactly who he is, so lets release the old game!

3. What else does the Wii U have coming out on launch day? I don’t remember seeing anything really announced for it other than Super Smash Brothers for it and the 3DS. Which as usual surprised the creator of the series along with everyone else. And I’m sure that isn’t a launch day game. All we saw at E3 2011 were tech demos. Same thing at CES last week. It’s pretty obvious that the Wii U isn’t coming out before this year’s E3 but Nintendo isn’t really pushing the system at all yet. Hell no one even knew what it was, even if they were at the Nintendo Press conference last year. They need a strong name to come out with the system. Twilight Princess was a smart decision (even if the GameCube version was better) and along with the surprise hit Wii Sports the system blew up. I don’t think a Wii U Sports is going to cut it this time. Bring us Kid Icarus: Uprising in HD. Make it good.

Now is this likely to happen. No. The 3DS game will probably come out soon, Nintendo will make a couple of dollars on it and maybe the franchise will die again. Maybe they’ll remake it for the Wii U and give it a second chance. I’d really like to see this game do well but right now that stand has really been the nail in the coffin of my excitement towards the game.

Bryan Belcher

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