LTTP: Ilomilo

Kind of like that guy who is just now watching every episode of lost. They’ve ended up a little late to the party. Well damnit I’m just as excited about stuff that everyone else has probably already played and I’m going to talk about it anyways.

What first drew me to ilomilo was the cute whimsical art style that was present throughout the game. A sort of patchwork textures (that reminded me very much of Little Big Planet) that make up soft cubic puzzle worlds for the player to navigate through. ilo and milo are the main characters and are forgetful best friends who often find themselves separated, and the landscape they must cross to find each other again is no easy task.

The main goal is simple enough: reunite the best friends somewhere in the middle of the puzzle. You play as either ilo or milo solving one half of the puzzle and then switching back to the other friend and solving their half of the puzzle. Eventually you meet each other and do a little cheerful dance to celebrate. Along the way you collect Polaroids and records (I think a hipster designed this game) and these little creatures called Safkas who care way to much about hats. As the game progresses these items get harder and harder to collect and insure the player come back to certain stages to gain 100% of the items.

The stages themselves are soft, pillowy lands that float in the sky and are loaded with obstacles. Cuddly creatures that stand in your way, blocks that flip you upside down or shoot you into the sky, and twisty turny paths that make your brain hurt are among some of the problems you must solve.

The puzzles got very hard, very fast and I was obligated to set my controller down and give my head a break and come back later to try again. And I’m not sure if it was the spastic way I played or my annoying vertigo, but the constant flipping, spinning screen when I changed from ilo or milo, while impressive, made me feel a little dizzy. I did think the music was cute and I couldn’t help but smile when I heard it and it was awesome when the band popped up when I collected an item, like they were cheering me on.

There is a two player version of the game, but it’s the same play as single player which is a little redundant. The only pro to this is if you’re stuck on a level you just can’t figure out, you can bother your friend to help you solve the puzzle by actually playing with you. A couple of times I bugged Bryan to play with me, and we solved a few bonus levels I couldn’t wrap my head around on my own.

Overall the game was candy for the eye, very nice unique art style that was reminisce of a summer quilt. The gameplay and goal were simple enough, while still maintaining a challenge. The music, characters, and story line were cute and very enjoyable. I recommend this game to someone who likes solving cute puzzles or maybe wants to take a break from killing zombies to help two friends find each other.

Brittany Saturn

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