LTTP: Sonic the Sketchhog is the most adorable game you can’t play unless you already have

Kind of like that guy who is just now watching every episode of lost. They end up a little late to the party. Well damnit I’m just as excited about stuff that everyone else has probably already watched and I’m going to talk about it anyways. 

In the middle of burning through some Christmas money on the App Store, I ran into the free Sonic’s 20th Anniversary app. I was in the middle of downloading a couple of other Sonic apps so I figured I might as well. After I got my fill of Sonic CD and Sonic and the Sega Allstars Racing, I took a looksie at the spare app and wound up being completely entranced by the extra game that came included.

Sonic the Sketchhog is a little one touch game that has you playing as an adorable little Sonic racing across the black and white Splash Hill Zone (based on the stage music) and doing what Sonic does best, collecting rings and destroying baddies. Unlike most Sonic games though, you have no control of his movement. He is always moving at a steady speed to the right (like most one touch games). You do have control of his jumping though and in this he’s even able to double jump. But what really sells the game is the charming little poetry slam version of the Splash Hill song that gives the entire game character.

Unfortunately if you haven’t already downloaded the App. You can’t anymore. It’s not on the App store (apparently it was taken off yesterday). I’d totally pay a dollar for this game to come out as it’s own separate app. So maybe those who missed out will still get to play it sometime, but for now you can still check out the video above.

Bryan Belcher

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