Mario Goes to War

The most famous brothers in video games are getting the Modern War treatment by Beat Down Boogie, the team behind the YouTube mini-series Metal War Gear Solid. The first episode of the new Mario Warfare mini-series was released yesterday and delivers 11 minutes of Toad kicking more ass than he’s done in all of the past 25 years of his existence combined.

The DIY filmmakers have already finished episodes 1 and 2 but their hoping they’ll be able to get your help with the Kickstarter they launched with the first episode. We’re hoping they reach their goal mostly but c’mon guys we should go for $40k. I really want to see a Sailor Moon video starring Matt Sumner (Mario). My mind would explode from the silliness of it. Just look at that mustachio’d face below. Think of him screeching (or bellowing) “In the name of the moon I shall punish you”!

Oh and you know they’d have this awesome Mario Warfare web-series paid for and what not. That too.

Bryan Belcher

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