Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game with Julian Spillane at Mega Man-athon

Julian Spillane of Team Reaverbot joined us at the Mega Man-athon booth to talk about his upcoming fan game, Mega Man 25th Anniversary. We played through the demo together (which you can download yourself by clicking here) and he gave us an exclusive preview to some of the upcoming features that’ll release with the game. Do you want alternative tracks for every stage in the game? You got ’em! How about NSF (NES Sound Files)? Those are there too! Also I’m not sure if it was an exclusive but he mentioned some details about Amp Man’s stage and I’m super excited to play through a Mega Man styled music based platform stage. Everything is in the video above so check it out now! Editors Note: Sorry about the video gap in the middle. I included the question I asked but the camera went down for about 30 seconds while moving into a new position.


Bryan Belcher

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