Middle School Girls Invade Spark Plug Games, Demand Games

Spark Plug Games recently hosted 25 middle school girls to show the technical side of how games are created. The Raleigh Middle School Girls Computer Camp of NCSU had asked John O’Neill (CEO of Spark Plug Games) if they could come and ended up spending half a day with the team. The girls were in the middle of building a game in teams of two within a week using Kodu (apparently not even middle school girls like the logo) and they asked a lot of great questions about game development.

Most of the talking was done by John, Chris Loyd (Senior Designer) and Clarence Simpson (Engineer) but I asked Mega Carriker (Brand and Community Manager) if she had anything to add seeing how she’s the only girl on the team. “As all of the girls were filing out and leaving the office, one walked up to me in my office and said ‘I’m going to come after your job here’ and then left” Megan continued. “It was amazing. I still keep cracking up over it.”

As the discussion about bringing girls into the sciences continues, I think it’s really great that things like this are happening so kudos out to Spark Plug Games.

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Bryan Belcher

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