Could the MS Surface be the One Tablet to Rule Them All

This past Tuesday Microsoft announced it’s new tablet PC called the Surface. It’s an impressive piece of hardware that to be honest I was surprised to see come out of the house that Windows built. It came just in time as I’ve been thinking about picking up a tablet lately and it’s become a strong competitor in my longing for a tablet that fulfills all my needs. So I made a Pros and Cons list to figure out if the Surface could be the one device to rule them all or if I should just throw it into the belly of Mt. Doom.


Oh man is this a sexy piece of tech. Ever since the dubstepy announcement I’ve really been into the jagged edges and I absolutely love the VaporMG finish, especially compared to the polished aluminum look of the iPad. Which reminds me a lot of the original brown Zune. I thought it was a sexy piece of tech too compared to the iPod.

I’ve been leaning toward Apple devices as I’ve been using the iPhone since it came out. I have lots of Apps and that’s pretty valuable to me. But I haven’t been able to make an easy decision between the iPad and the MacBook Air as I’d like to have a tablet for touch screen. But I need a full computer to take with me on the go and I don’t really want to carry (or buy) two devices. This is where the Surface stands out of the entire group of tablets regardless of manufacturer. It has a stand built into the machine and it comes with a keyboard screen protector. It’s still a tablet but it’s also can be a full pledge PC as the higher end runs on Windows 8. I could install the full versions of whatever program I need to use instead of some limited App version. Which leads into my next Pro.

When I heard about Microsoft making their own tablet, I kind of unintentionally scoffed as I thought about how limited support for the Windows Phone has been. How few games would I be able to play on a machine that I doubt will be heavily supported. Then I remembered, this is a full PC. I could install Steam on the sucker and since it had a full size USB port it wouldn’t be difficult to even use a wired 360 controller. Tablet be damned, I’ll still be able to use the new piece of hardware for my favorite thing, playing games.


There is still so much we don’t know. Price and availability being the major issues here. Every tablet is cheaper than the iPad3 but really haven’t made quite the impact that it has. As much as I’d love to have a cheap tablet by Windows. It might be in their best interest to make sure it’s priced equivalently to Apple’s tablet. That put people in the mindset that they’re equally valuable.

What happened to MS’ other computer called Surface? That amazing computer table that made board/tabletop games looks absolutely stunning? No clue. I hope it hasn’t been put to the side for this tablet.

If this tablet kills off the Surface table PC, I’m gonna be so mad.

Whats different enough that Windows won’t just stop supporting it? Zune. Windows Phone. Where’s the support? Not at Microsoft anymore. That’s something to keep in mind when buying this product. Will MS actually make it worth while for consumers? Can’t tell until it’s out on the market but it’s definitely a concern.

But lets be honest, I wrote this entire thing just so I could post the video below.

Bryan Belcher

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