Nerdy Sailor Moon Tattoos

Tattoos are one of my favorite methods of self expression. I feel they are deeply personal and can sometimes turn into real living and breathing pieces of art. Nerd tattoos are on the rise, and that got me thinking, if I were to get a nerdy tat, what would I get?


I already have a couple of tattoos, but nothing geeky. My first idea (one I’ve been thinking about for a long time) would reveal my love for The Matrix (and Alice in Wonderland) – I wanted a simple small white rabbit on my shoulder, identical to the one portrayed in the first movie. But I thought maybe for this question, that’s a little too subtle. I needed something that was “BAM! in your face, I like this thing and you’re going to know about it!”. So after a few keystrokes into Google Images, I found my niche.


Now the only problem is, what started as a semi-joke has slowly started to turn into an idea that I can’t get out of my head. I love all the Sailor Moon tattoos so much, I would have a very hard time deciding what to get and where to get it.


And before you get all pushy about how maybe I might think that at 23 a Sailor Moon tattoo would be cool, but at 63 I might hate the idea of having a cartoon permanently drawn on my body, it does in fact have personal meaning. When I was a kid and first fell in love with Sailor Moon, I would rush home everyday after school to watch my daily episode. I loved the idea of a pretty, cute, and silly heroine and this was my very first anime so it seemed so exotic compared to my American cartoons. As kids often do, I began to role play everyday that I was Sailor Moon, fighting Queen Beryl and her hoards of monsters. At that point in my life, my parents didn’t have a lot of money – to the point that we became homeless for six months. During that period I of course didn’t get to watch Sailor Moon, but I clung to the idea of her and all that she represented and I continued to role play. And in a silly way I believe Sailor Moon was my coping method to get through that dark period. So I think if I were to get a tattoo of Sailor Moon, to me it would represent more than just a children’s cartoon I used to (and still do) enjoy. So as silly as it sounds Usagi was my light in the dark. While I’m still toying with the idea of getting a Moon tattoo, who knows, maybe I’ll have one pretty soon. But in the meantime, enjoy these other badass tats.


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