Preview: Borderlands 2

There’s more to the MLG Summer Championship than just the eSports. We also got to spend a ton of time with the Matt Charles, Producer of Borderlands 2, and if you can’t tell he didn’t want us taking pictures of the demo station. Thats fine with me as long as he lets me play the most recent Borderlands 2 demo again for the 5th time.

We were shown the same demo that those at Gamescom have played or if your headed to PAX Prime will be able to play. Not to hopefully spoil too much but the demo starts with a mission involving one of the original vault hunters from Borderlands as he makes a cameo and you’ll work together in a mission against the antagonist Handsome Jack.

First thing I noticed? It’s a pretty game. It keeps the unique style from the first game but I was taken back by how both the setting and the animation has been polished to a shine that’ll blind you.

AI Better Than Steven Spielberg 

Right off the bat I started getting attacked by these flying creatures that I forgot the name of and they would appear to zap in and out of existence. My ass was getting handed to me pretty well until I changed my strategy with a close-ranged weapon. But as I started to go insane with power they caught on to my act and took to high ground and started throwing crap at me. That’s fine, I’ll just change to the long range. No wait? There are some doing close and others doing long. It’s action that keeps you on your toes and invested in the gameplay. It’s fantastic!

The original Borderlands’ AI wasn’t exactly a strong point so it really surprised me. Other moments that caught me off guard was that the human(ish) AI would react more realistically as well. Shoot them in the leg? They’ll limp to cover but continue to try and gun you down. But the best part is when you cut a robot in half and it turns into the last bit of the Terminator as it continues crawls after you.

Change the Character. Change the Game.

I ended up playing the demo four times and thankfully got to play a little of each character in doing so. I’m not too surprised to say that Gunzerker was my favorite as I’m a charge in guns blazin’ kind of guy. But it was really fun being able to change the way I had to play the game based on who I played as. Character selection really matters as it’ll be a big part of how you enjoy the game. Zero and his sneaky ways, while super cool, won’t be for me.

Good Thing It’s Fun As The Game is Finished

Playing the same demo and spending about 2 hours collectively together. I can say that the game looks great and thats relieving as the game is finished. It went gold earlier this month, even though that doesn’t mean the demo is running under the same code,  it played at retail level of quality. Look forward to Borderlands 2 coming out on September 18th and to a lack of content coming out on our site for a couple of weeks afterwards. I’ll be too busy locked with my computer and to make Handsome Jack not so pretty anymore.

Bryan Belcher

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