Preview: Plight of the Zombie

During our visit to Spark Plug Games last week, I got the chance to get some exclusive hands on time with Plight of the Zombie. I’ll be honest, I’ve been over the zombie genre for some considerable time but I’ve been looking forward to this one just because of how it turns everything around. You don’t fight the zombies, you are the zombies and your goal is simple. Eat Brains. Also it’s not a Tower Defense title, it’s a Offense Puzzle game that requires a bit of strategy. It’s not a gore fest either, it has uhh cute zombies? Well at least as cute as zombies could be. It’s a game that does everything you would think is the wrong thing to do and makes it right!

This shindig begins with the zombie Craig, if you remember the trailer for the game – he’s was a sagittarius who had a goldfish named Tony. He’s quite the ambitious zombie who not only eats brains but also uses the one currently rotting in his head to get even more brains. This is where you come in! That big index finger that you use for these tablet games, it’s time to turn it into a brain eating machine because you’ll be guiding Craig and his recently turned undead friends after so many brains.

So these regular living people are just standing around ready to be eaten at first. Ok it’s time to use your brain eating machine, your finger, to grab Craig and a few brains on the go while picking off random scared guy number 1. Congrats you’ve added more support for the zombie cause! Later on though you’ll run into some problems, some of these living folks just don’t get it and are going to fight the half eaten limbs off you. But thankfully you can tell exactly where these guys are looking and come up behind them and politely suggest they turn into a zombie. Welcome friend you didn’t need that shotgun or your brain. It’s so much better now.

Now there’s some stuff in the way. You gotta figure out what can move and what can’t. Tires? Totally movable. Orange Cones? A breeze! But Fences? They’re amazing at stopping zombies.  Actually if these humans had any good brains left they’d build a fence fortress. But with out the gates because the zombie cause can totally use those.

Sometimes you’ll have to lose a buddy in order for the cause to win! After shedding several tears, our collective zombie spirit moved on to bigger and better things. I can’t show you those bigger and better things but it features some new zombies to play as. I ended up spending some time in the store as well and it looks like you can buy hats. I’m hoping this becomes something similar to Team Fortress 2 where I can have around 900 hats that are all unique but at the time they did have a good selection. Not sure which will be available at launch but what was available was impressive!

The game looks like it’s coming together well. We ran into a few issues but nothing game breaking. During our play the zombies would wander off from where I told them to be but Megan Carriker, the Community and Brand Manager, let me know that they were turning off wandering before the release. Over all it looks pretty complete and they let us know that the release on Droid would be any day now with an eventual release also promised for iOS. I left our play through with a smile on my face and a longing to keep playing. As we all left Shaun and Jairus, Droid users, mentioned they couldn’t wait to plop a few dollars down on the game until we reminded them that it was actually free to play! Their faces turn into Christmas morning.

Bryan Belcher

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