Rock Band Blitz: Music Genre is Still Standing

With the massive success of the first two Rock Band games and the brilliant execution and critical acclaim of The Beatles: Rock BandHarmonix has seen some amazing highs. But the Rock Band series has seen better days. Thanks to the over flooded music genre market, both Rock Band and it’s competitor Guitar Hero (which was also created by Harmonix) has really dragged the genre to the ground and chocked it with a microphone line. But that was years ago so maybe it’s time to try out old ideas and make them fresh again.

Harmonix has been making similar experience to Rock Band Blitz on mobile and handheld platforms for some time and they’ve all been pretty great games but it seems that with Blitz, they’ve been able to finally blend all of the good things from Rock Band and the Frequency/Amplitude titles from their PS2 days.

NoInstrumentsFor those who were fans of those titles you might realize that this game is played with a regular controller and that it’s also a completely solo experience. Players will have control of all of the instruments and to actually do well in the game you’ll have to play all of them. Sticking to only one instrument is definitely not an option, as players can only increase their multiplier by making sure each instrument track is taken care of before a checkpoint.

Once your comfortable with the basics of the game comes the crazy layers of depth and difficulty. You will not be jumping into this game and getting gold stars on everything on the first go. Songs require a bit of pre-game strategy as you’ll be able to pick power ups before you start a song that change how you play. You can have up to three types of power ups, one that you control via Overdrive (Star Power), another that is only in effect once you hit a power note and finally a set of power ups that’s gives one of the instruments it’s own multiplier. Planning out the best method to use these can be quite a pain if you aren’t familiar with a song. Say for example I wouldn’t be using the Super Guitar power up on ‘Imagine‘ by John Lennon as there is no guitar in the song.

Not that you could though, while the vast library of DLC and other on-disc transfers work in the game. None of your RB3 songs that came on disc will work. Honestly I have so much DLC that it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The game comes with 25 of it’s own tracks (although it’s a separate free download after you download the game). Also all of the tracks can be played in Rock Band 3Harmonix has always been really great at making DLC and other content be worth the money you put into it and this game is no exception.

Speaking of which, they also have a corresponding Facebook app called Rock Band World that will allow you to connect with your friends who play both consoles and even those who you aren’t friends with on either (but are still at least facebook friends). It’s a pretty neat features and help make the game feel like it has some form of multiplayer even if it’s not directly. It’s a neat addition that while not really something you might have wanted, really becomes important in the longevity of the game as you’ll be able to challenge friends to score duels.

Rock Band Blitz brings a deceptively simple rhythm game that add many layers of depth to keep fans of the genre satisfied and maybe even bring back a couple casual fans too. It’s worth every penny even if your just going to pick it up for the song pack.

Bryan Belcher

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