Russian Dancing Men: More Like Russian Dead Men

The same day I got Jetpack Joyride for free, I decided to balance that by purchasing a game from another developer, Smashmouth Games. I ran across this diamond in the rough and lo and behold it’s on sale ($.99) and it’s a music game, that plays like the PS1 classic, Vib Ribbon, but features songs from Weebl’s Stuff? Totally need to grab this!

Things I liked:

A Weebl Game! The game is based on the fantastic Weebl song “Russian Dancing Men”, it includes Russian Men dancing to all your favorite Weebl’s Stuff tracks. The idea is purely made of awesome. Wait? You don’t know who Weebl is? Never heard of Weebl and Bob? Narwhals? Kenya? Magical Trevor? Oh man. Ok well here’s a quick lesson in Internet Memes 101 = Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM! Welcome to back to 2011. These people made a fucking game. That in itself is pretty awesome.

Remixed Music! Now take all those songs and put them into a music game and make them longer with remixes. The greatness just keeps piling up. I particularly like the Kenya version in here that varies in Tempo and it really adds to the song. It’s not as repeatable, but honestly I’m ok with a song that actually has a beginning and end from Weebl for once.

Funny Clips! The game has great humor which is to be expected if your know Weebl’s material. They expanded on the Russian Dancing men and during the very short cutscenes in between tracks they always succeed in making a chuckle or two happen.

Things I disliked:

CONTROLS! CONTROLS! FUCKING CONTROLS! Usually I try and figure out three things I like and dislike about a game. And usually when I can only come up with one bad thing about a game. It means it’s something pretty special. This is even more of an unusual case because, this one bad thing ruins the entire game.

First off, these tiny little screen buttons are tiny. This is coming from a guy who likes tiny controllers that fit my hands better. But these digital buttons are too small and too close together. I understand that this is a video game and you want to have as much screen space as possible to enjoy it with but the game has to work. My thumbs still were getting in the way of the game and I was making a lot of mistakes that I normally wouldn’t make if I had physical buttons. It’s a hard game but only because I can’t properly control it.

Final Thoughts:

This game could have been magical. It’s a fantastic idea and all the content is great. But it’s a video game and you need to be able to play the damn thing.

So let me go ahead and save you a couple of dollars. Here is all the entertainment you’ll get from the game but with out paying for it. Narwhals. & Magical Trevor. & Kenya. & Badgers. This is what your paying for, to listen to these songs. Granted the remixed longer versions in a more song format makes it a bit easier to listen to, but not enough to warrant playing this. Smashmouth Games, please make this on something with buttons and I will completely turn this review around. Oh and if they do that, for the love of everything that is good. They need to include Weebl’s best song ever. Tiny Japanese Girl

Russian Dancing Men

Bryan Belcher

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