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While we’re on the topic of Music in Sonic games today, I wanted to bring up a different side of liking Sonic Music and that’s about the awesome guys over at OCremix that arrange the fantastic fan albums (not just Sonic but many others from several different game series). Probably my favorite remix album ever is strangely for one of my least favorite original soundtracks for Sonic.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles is a great game but it’s separated into two cartridges and I guess I still hold a grudge against that. You still have the buy it separately to finish the whole game. When Sonic 3 came out I was expecting a whole game but I had to wait till Sonic and Knuckles was released to finish it. Kind of messed up but Sega was getting their money somehow thats for sure.


Anyways now that thats out of my system. I love this arrangement album. But S3&K didn’t hit me like Sonic 2 did. Sonic 2’s music is probably one of favorites game soundtracks ever (right behind Mega Man 2). But the artists that re-arranged these versions of S3&K’s soundtrack deserve medals. Each song bends and blends genres of music to creates an atmosphere with the song before and after it, yet can be enjoyed on it’s own. I’m not sure if the blame for that is to be given to the original composer or the OCremix artist. But it didn’t appeal to me until the remix album was released. It’s free, go download it now.


Favorite Tracks:

Walk on Water by housethegrate

That Freezing Feeling by Hetcenus

Dead Batteries by SnappleMan

Live at the Sandopolis by Braincells

Beneath the Ashes by Rexy and Hetcenus

Malicious Fingers by SnappleMan



Project Chaos was actually inspired by another Sonic album arrangement for my favorite Sonic, Sonic 2. Hedgehog Heaven is really new to me but it should be checked out just because of the awesome collection of tracks Sonic 2 had to offer, I’m sure it’s fantastic.


Favorite Tracks (so far):

Cavern Escape by Icy Guy

High Above the Sky by Sir Nuts

Hidden Palace Future by FFmusicDJ

Is This the End? by DCT

Bryan Belcher

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