Ok so I’ve been keeping my 3DS on me constantly now. Always in sleep mode, getting roughly 4000 steps a day, but never running into anyone to get a StreetPass notification. I didn’t figure I was going to get one but I was really hoping. Visiting my girlfriend at the mall she works at, nope no luck there. Going for walks around the hospital I live near, nada. But finally on April Fools Day, hanging out at my local gamestop for an hour and a half, I got one. It was a Mii named Brittany (same as my girlfriend) who happens to like dogs (ok) and her hobby was playing video games (so far this sounds like my girlfriend) and she wanted to become a master of art. So I start looking around the store to see if my girlfriend had bought another 3DS right under my nose. The Mii even looked like her’s. But an excited young girl looking at 3DS games was having the same first streetpass moment I was and gave me eye contact. Her happy face went away and she disappeared into the mall.

I did not realize I was this ugly, creepy or scary.

But I returned to my conversation with my old boss at Gamestop and was happy to be able to play Find Mii. Later that evening I went to an event called the Gallery Hop that happens on the first friday of every month here in downtown Winston Salem. Walking around and taking some fun 3D pictures I noticed I had a 2nd notification. Unfortunately this time Dallas from North Carolina did not have any other information beyond he was playing Street Fighter last. He also wouldn’t allow me to use him in Find Mii or Puzzle Swap.


So after a week of trying, it appears I just need to get out of the house a bit more. I need to go where a more young crowd or maybe today was just a couple of flukes. Either way I really like StreetPass. I just wish it would happen more often.

Bryan Belcher

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