The Discussion of Games As Art

Getting into an argument about whether gaming can be an art form or not is a heated discussion that I rarely feel comfortable enough to get involved in. Not because I feel inadequate to answer the question, but more because I feel especially biased toward it seeing as how I am a gamer but I’m also an artist. The word art itself is a tricky little bugger to describe by itself. But to classify something else as such is just a completely different task to surmount in the first place. It’s kind of like using someone’s soul to describe the person we see everyday. We don’t completely understand what art is but we interact with gaming every day. It’s a complicated relationship and we’re too busy trying to classify it and put it into it’s little box instead of discussing it.

So I’m going to keep this rather personal, as it should be, when it comes to art. Art is something that requires you to be human. Art makes you think, feel and attempt to understand. I feel like quite a few things can be art then and games are no different. But I do feel as if it’s an art form for our time. Probably a lot like how filmmakers felt about movies when it was a flowering industry. But I think people in their 40’s or below have been around it long enough to feel comfortable with the medium as a whole.

“Art is something that requires you to be human.”

So what’s that mean? Well thats funny because I see this as a discussion. One the indie community (as referenced in the video above) seems to be willing to discuss through game design. But when compared to other medium giants and the government it’s this weird argument of whether or not games have a freedom of speech. Which is about the only time I care to defend the industry. Otherwise I believe it’s a much more personal and thorough journey. I know we don’t get many readers but jump on board in the comments and let me know how you feel about this topic.

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Bryan Belcher

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