The End of An Era (For Me)

Back in the 90’s and before being a geek wasn’t a style or for hipsters trying to do something out of mainstream. It was simply being really excited or knowledgeable about a certain subject. In a world where the internet was slow and expensive (or didn’t exist for the public yet) game stores are where a lot of game geeks would meet up and talk, shop and stink up the one place they could be themselves. A kind of Mecca for geeks. Well today my original game store has closed.

Growing up with video games I was never really “into” it any more than I was going out and shooting nerf guns and riding my bike. Nintendo and Sega were present while growing up but so was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the X-Men. It was popular at the time and as a kid I checked it all out. It wasn’t until after the Playstation and the N64 came out that I started caring about the actual games.

Enter the Game store, when I started going to this store it was a mom and pop’s place called “Player’s Choice” then, Babbages and then, Software Etc. before finally becoming the Gamestop we all know and “uhh go to regardless of how we feel about them” store of today. I bought all of my major consoles here, including the first one I ever preordered and paid with my own money, The Sega Dreamcast.

Seeing the empty store was a shock and it’s going to be hard thinking about it no longer being around. I haven’t shopped there in some considerable time though since there have been newer and closer Gamestops, including the one I worked at. But I will always remember coming back to this one. Even though it became just another Gamestop, it meant a lot to me.

Bryan Belcher

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