Top 3 (Fake) Video Game Movie Trailers

It’s the unanswered question. Should video games be made into movies? Some say yay and some say nay, both sides have excellent points. Why spend tons of money on movies that are doomed to failure (no pun intended)? But what if the perfection combination of action, humor, story, and creativity existed out there to turn a great game into an awesome movie.

So there are some goodies out there: Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, and Mortal Kombat – and there are some baddies: Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and House of the Dead. But imagine if the bad movies had been made like the good movies, wouldn’t feel so bad about the world then, would you? With that in mind, I’ve found the top 3 best video game (fake) movie trailers that would be badass if they were ever completed.


New Year’s End: A BioShock Short Film – Directed by Jared Potter, this film shows events leading up to BioShock 1 and 2. On New Year’s Eve, a group of splicers plan an uprising against Andrew Ryan.


Portal: No Escape – A short film directed by Dan Trachtenberg captures what a Portal feature might actually look like.


Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer – Released by IGN as an April Fool’s joke, this trailer still has fans wishing it was true.

Now if directors and actors and everyone else were able to keep this sort of quality up, I don’t think any of us would have a problem spending a couple extra dollars to go see them on the big screen. I thought of other video games I’d like to see as movies (Fallout, Metroid, and Megaman) but I couldn’t find decently made trailers. Tell us in the comments below (or tweet us) movies you’d like to be seen made. Or better yet, make some awesome trailers and we could feature you on the site. Just don’t put fucking Nicholas Cage in any of them.

Brittany Saturn

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