My Top 5 Wii Games

It’s been just a little over a month since the Wii U has arrived and finally put down the machine once known as the Revolution. Nintendo little cyclops console had its fair share of problems from under-powered hardware to next to no 3rd party support. But what the system was missing in shear power it made up in some of the best games of the current generation. Here are the ones that dominated my time for the last six years.


Out of all of the launch titles for the system it wasn’t Twilight Princess that sucked up the most time out of me. It was Excite Truck. After the fun of Wii Sports wore off and I was left with just a few titles to experience the new motion controls, the best out of the pack was Excite Truck. It was so devilishly simple and easy to pick up but it struck such a deep emotion of bobbing and weaving with the controller that I’ve done for years with racing games and now the way I held the controller mattered. It took me about a month but I ended up S ranking everything in both regular and excite mode. This was the game that sold motion controls to me.


My only non-Nintendo game of the bunch also happens to be a remake of an old GameCube exclusive. Doesn’t matter Resident Evil 4 is still one of the best games ever made and the Wii version is the definitive copy to own. Not only did it include all of the extras of the PS2 version but it used the Wii Remote as a gun and made all previous controller based copies worthless. This also started the trend of porting light gun games to the Wii, which helped it’s lacking game library down the road.


Speaking of shooters, besides Resident Evil 4, no one could get FPS controls for the system right. Red Steel was the first to try and about the best you could manage to do was not shoot yourself in the foot. Unlike all the other FPS games that would later attempt. Metroid Prime 3 fixed that problem. Not only did it fix a major control issue that was troubling every 3rd party developer but it solidified the Prime series as one of the best things to ever grace a Nintendo console. Pulling all the stops with orchestrated music, full voice work and even graphically one of the most beautiful games ever. It brought the series to life and helped us connect with bounty hunter Samus Aran on a level that hadn’t been done before. While making a very satisfying end to the trilogy that most believed would never be possible.


It’s not hard to pick Mario as one of the best games of a Nintendo console but on the Wii there are three different Mario games and for the first time since Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, one of them is a direct sequel. The original Super Mario Galaxy up the ante when it came out as it not only met the expectations of a 3D Mario game but exceeded them with original gravity based gameplay that fit perfectly with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination. Then Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out and refined everything. It is the best 3D console Mario ever made.


Animal Crossing on a console and it’s online. To me that was enough to buy four copies of the game and give three of them to friends to play online (but only the ones I could trust to not screw up my town)! I’ve spent more time in this game than I have in any game this past generation -only Rock Band comes close- and spent more time with some of my town’s residence than some of my friends and family. While it was very much like the original and the DS version, it brought enough to keep me and all the people I played with to come back to town every day for years. I cannot wait for the 3DS version but at the same time it saddens me what will happen to Lil’Bity and all my flower trails once I finally leave.

Bryan Belcher

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