Weird Wonders: Hours of Virtual Bathroom Fun

Browsing the inter-webs I came across this golden gem or should I say…golden shower. The name of the game is Super Pii Pii Brothers and the object is… well to just pee.

It seems simple enough, you strap in the Wii controller to your crotch area using a special harness (included with game) and aim the yellow streams for the toilets. You even get extra points for peeing on friendly fuzzy creatures that pop out of the john! I know this is an older Japanese game, but I got so excited when I saw that you actually get a fake wang to wave around during gameplay, I almost whizzed on my cat. As a woman I’ve never had the pleasure of peeing standing up and now thanks to Super Pii Pii Brothers I can enjoy the wonders of having a penis (that’s scientific lingo for schlong!).

Excited yet? Well you should be when you learn that there is also a two player mode with dueling pee streams! Where can you buy this? Luckily Think Geek has this game for sale, but be quick they advertise limited quantities. I now know what I’ll be buying with the money my grandmother gave me for Christmas!

Check out the gameplay video here.

Think Geek ]

Brittany Saturn

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