The World’s Most Popular Gaming System Just Got Better

While most of the talk for today’s Apple keynote was about the new iPhone 5; the company finally updated what is arguably the most popular gaming system of all time, the iPod Touch.

It’s been a little over two years since the iPod Touch has gotten any updates and in Apple years that’s a couple of lifetimes. So what’s changed?

The A5 Processor


An obvious jump in processing power has instant effects in how a machine will play games. After two years of lagging behind, the iPod is finally up to date with the last series of iPhones. And because it isn’t an iPhone that makes the processor nearly as good as the one on the newest iPhone 5.

Decent Camera

Another significant jump for the iPod line up is the new 5MP camera capable of recording video in 1080P HD. Not too much this will do to help in any gaming perspective (beyond AR titles) but it’s a welcome addition.


One of the biggest problems with gaming on any iDevice (even the iPad) is touch controls. If a game was made specifically for the device, say Jetpack Joyride or Plight of the Zombie, the controls aren’t half bad but anything the requires digital buttons? The extra space on the screen will really help any of the titles keep digital buttons out of the way of the actual playing space for old games. And for everything else, a bigger screen is always better!



These new earbuds, could be significantly better than the ones Apple has been using for years. Or it could just be a new version of the same painful headset that we’ve all grown to get over. Still it’s nice to see Apple not resting on their laurels.


This is a nice addition that I wish the other iDevices would pick up on. I’d pick up a blue iPad the day it was announced but for now the choice is only offered to those interested in an iPod Touch. Hope you can decide between Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black and White!

A Lanyard?

Not sure how useful this will turn out to be but it comes with a lanyard now.


This is probably what the next two years of gaming looks like on the iPod Touch and it’s not bad at all. Now the price has gone up from the old model. There is no 16 Gig option left. The 32 and 64 Gig options run $299 and $399, which is quite a jump from 16 and 32 GB models that run $199 and $250. We’ll see if that price increase effects the adoption rate for what Apple is claiming to be the most popular gaming device on the planet.

Bryan Belcher

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